Medical Billing Associates

add up your savings

There are several issues to consider when analyzing in house billing versus outsourcing the billing process. To assist you, we offer the following areas that will save you in expenses and hold your results more accountable:
  • Billing service is focused on the billing of your services
  • Expense savings on all supplies for the billing process
  • Eliminates provider/patient payment discussions
  • Frees you from the burden of the billing and collection process
  • Allows privacy of income information optional
  • Reduces downtime due to sick leave and vacations
  • Eliminates the expense and worry of employee retention
  • Effectively established a more consistent revenue/cash flow
  • Eliminates capital expenditures on billing software and hardware
  • Reduces costs of upgrades and maintenance
  • Reduces salaries, sick pay, vacation pay, and insurance benefits
  • Reduces costly and unproductive training periods
  • Allows you to focus on the treatment of your patients
  • Lets you concentrate on generating new business
  • More accountability of the revenue results
  • Billing service fees based on collection results
  • Assures HIPAA compliance of the billing process

Medical Billing Associates provides comprehensive accounts receivable management and absorbs the overhead expenses that you currently do to run your accounts receivable.


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