MBA, someone.....

On your side
With years of experience
Maximizing your reimbursements
Looking out for your best interests

Medical Billing Associates is more than just a billing service for healthcare professionals. With the reimbursement rules and regulations changing so rapidly, you need someone you can depend on. Someone with years of experience. Someone looking out for your best interests. Someone on your side.

MBA can give you peace of mind. Our experienced, well trained staff can take care of your billing and collection needs and assure complete compliance with current laws. As these laws and regulations change, we will be there as a trusted advisor. You can be confident that your interests are being managed by professionals. Following are some of the benefits you can expect as a result of hiring MBA to join your practice team:
  • Eliminate the need to retain, replace, train billing staff
  • No down time due to illness or vacations
  • Ability to retrieve up to the minute patient information
  • Timely billing and daily control
  • No accounts receivable will be lost, buried, or forgotten
  • Faster turnaround on patient and third party payment
  • Safe and reliable data backup protection and security
  • Technology options for interfacing with your practice

Our knowledge of coding, coupled with using the latest computer technology, insures that you receive the maximum allowable payment for your services.

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